Bibo Global Oppurtunity Inc.


Bibo Global Opportunity is a leader in providing online tutorial services in Japan. We cater to thousands of subscribers through DMM Eikawa. In 2015, through Engoo, we also expanded our business to Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Brazil, Russia and Spain, among others.

On February 14, 2013, Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. started its nationwide operation with about 80 Filipino teachers. The company reached a milestone after providing services to thousands of Japanese clients during the first quarter of operation.

The study is geared towards teaching Conversational English, Business English, Reading and Writing Skills, Listening and Speaking Skills, Grammar and Vocabulary, or Useful Language Expression and Idioms, Kids even exam review classes like IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC. Moreover, the school also aims to provide the best language training and teaching to students in which the inculcation of correct values, understanding cultural differences and effective language teaching methodologies are intertwined to assure success in studying and teaching. Finally, Bibo Global Opportunity, Inc. exposes students to helpful, effective language teaching methods from a family of very competent and well-trained online ESL teachers. We offer our employees a chance to work for a big and stable company, meet new and interesting people from all around the world, and do all of that from the comfort of their home.Our teachers create their own schedule without any minimum restrictions or limitations. We always invest in our employees, we have 6000+ teachers from 70+ countries to prove that.




make the world smaller

Corporate Vision

It is our dream to make the world smaller by providing opportunities for everyone to enjoy the fun of learning English at a reasonable price and opportunities for everyone to be an English teacher wherever in the world.

Core values

In this company, a positive mind, positive actions, and positive words are highly esteemed. On the contrary, a negative mind, negative actions, and negative words are disfavored. The latter attitude does not fit into our company culture.

Spreading rumors and creating negative atmosphere is strongly discouraged in our company.

When faced with difficulties we should try to find the best way to deal with them. Failure is an integral part of success. We grow from our mistakes and learn from them. And when faced with a challenge, don’t forget to welcome it with a smile.

Your behavior, your words, and the way you manage your tasks will help in building trust between management and staff.

Trust is more valuable than money. Money is just the material product of trust.

You have a position in this company because the company trusts you. Protect it. We cannot work with employees that we cannot trust.

During difficult times always tell the truth and be trustworthy.
Treasure time. Time is the soul of our business. Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination has no place in the business world.

You will not be condemned for making mistakes. Report them to your immediate manager instantly. Do not delay. Be eager to communicate bad information more promptly than good information. Your job performance shall be evaluated based on how wisely you spend your time.

Life is composed of one day, one hour, one minute, one second.
Stay cool and professional. Always ask yourself whether your words and your behavior are suitable for a business person. Acting in an emotional rather than in a professional way is detrimental for business relations.

During hard times, keep cool, keep your temper. We can easily come up with the best decisions if we remain calm. A person who can stay calm, cool and collected at all times is a real business person - a true leader.